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Founded in 2007, IGS is a certified women-owned small business (WOSB) specializing in healthcare information technology. IGS partners with government and commercial clients to tackle the most challenging healthcare information technology issues including large scale implementations, business informatics and analytics, and electronic health record support.

1.  To improve public health and healthcare services nationwide to all         individuals.


2.  To increase the value of, accessibility, and benefits of public health          and healthcare services for end users. 


3.  To provide solid foundations and frameworks to our clients                      supporting future growth and success.

IGS Objectives


To be the leader in solving the nation's most challenging

healthcare information technology issues by building

solid, creative, and innovative solutions.

Provide exceptional service by innovating and delivering tailored solutions balancing the need for technical

innovation against high costs. 



IGS is dedicated to improving the lives of Veterans and their families through continued support of the following organizations: 


  • Home for Our Troops (HFOT) - a privately funded organization that builds mortgage-free, specially adapted homes nationwide for severely injured Veterans post-9/11, to enable them to rebuild their lives.  https://www.hfotusa.org/ 


  • Special Operations Warrior Foundation (SOWF) - this organization ensures full financial assistance for post-secondary scholarships for every child who loses a parent serving in Army, Navy, Air Force, and Marine Corps special operations. In addition to this, SOWF has a Family Services Team that provides academic counseling and family counseling.  http://specialops.org/


  • DAV - a leading nonprofit charity founded in 1920, that provides a lifetime of support for veterans of all generations and their families. The organization helps more than a million veterans each year in positive, life-changing ways. The organization provides more than 700,000 rides for veterans attending medical appointments and has helped with over 300,000 benefits claims annually. https://www.dav.org/


  • The American Indian College Fund helps Native students stay in school and earn a college degree. When you help a Native student get an education, you are empowering one of the most underserved populations with regard to education. https://collegefund.org/


  • Through computer training and job skills, Computer CORE offers highly motivated, low-income individuals the opportunity to transform their careers and improve their lives. https://www.computercore.org/

IGS Cares

IGS Leadership – Translating Vision Into Reality

The IGS leadership team has proven experience across a range of areas including healthcare, operations, program management, and human resources.

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