IGS conducts business intelligence/data warehousing for operations research that includes managing data lakes, data warehouses, cloud interoperability, business intelligence, and modernization of enterprise systems. We use innovative technologies such as RPA, NLP, AI, ML, and BI.

We have been involved in developing the CDW (Corporate Data Warehouse), an enterprise asset encompassing multiple VA subject areas. Supporting the modernization of VA systems, we are helping to design, develop, and support BISL (Business Intelligence Service Lines), a central collection of standardized databases. IGS provides business intelligence architecture, data management, database administration, and application development. 

Analysing data



Veterans Affairs


Our team maintains the VA Informatics and Computing Infrastructure (VINCI) where we help 10,000+ researchers securely access petabytes of data to improve care for Veterans.

Veterans Affairs


Our team provides the Business Intelligence Services Line (BISL) dashboards and analytics expertise for COVID-19, Mission Act, and more.

Veterans Affairs

MVP Genisis

Genisis is a web-based data medical research request portal. The goal is to support robust genomic and bioinformatics-related data analysis, including multiple concurrent studies.

Veterans Affairs

Data Migration/Syndication

Data Migration and Syndication EHRM (Electronic Health Record Modernization)

Department of Health and Human Services


Supporting HHS Business Intelligence Data Analytics including the HHS Reimagine Data Insights Initiative.