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IGS works closely with our clients using a SAFe Agile Methodology to determine the optimal software solutions and best practices for the respective environment including implementation of COTS, custom solutions,  web modernization, and maintenance of systems and software.

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Veterans Affairs

Health Integration & Modernization Telehealth

Telehealth Management Platform is an "essential" work effort to modernize and provide seamless care to Veterans. We support a web-based data request portal that helps clinical researchers and doctors perform genomic medicine studies. This workflow system tracks requests from issuance to delivery of research data.

Veterans Affairs

Health Integration & Modernization eRX

We are automating the process to fill e-prescriptions for the eRX controlled substances environment. This makes it easier and faster for Veterans to receive their medications.

Indian Health Services

Indian Health Service

IGS supports the Resource Patient Management System (RPMS) Electronic Health Record application, quality assurance, user support, and training support to 400+ Tribes within the Enterprise.

Veterans Affairs

Genomic Information System for Integrated Science

IGS supports modifications to existing software applications, deployments of software updates, and compliance with semantic interoperability for data and syntactic interoperability between GenISIS 2 and other interacting systems.

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