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Remember What Unites Us. On the 16th anniversary of September 11, 2001, IGS remembers the individuals who lost their lives on that tragic day, and recognize those who lost loved ones that day, and in the conflicts that followed. #neverforget #HFOT #donate #Veteran HFOT home recipient Marine Cpl. Garrett Carnes shared his reflections. “We must honor those we lost on 9/11, and every day since in support of OIF and OEF. We promised we would ‘never forget’… so don’t. Take advantage of living in that second half of world history. Show what it is to be part of a free nation. Every day, we need to flex those freedoms and somehow, somewhere, make a difference, whether big or small. That is how we honor those who fell… and those who’ve fallen as a result of 9/11 every day since,” said Cpl. Carnes. IGS is proud to donate to Homes for Our Troops, an organization that provides specially adapted custom homes (204 since 2004!!) nationwide for our severely injured post 9/11 Veterans and their families. Click here to donate and learn more:

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