VINCI Central Abstract Accepted for AMIA Poster

VINCI Central: A Portal to VA Studies and Resources

Timothy N. Trautman, BSD; Justin Wilson, BS; Hamid Saoudian, ME; Jeffrey S. Scehnet, PhD; Augie Turano, PhD; Scott L. Duvall, PhD

VA Salt Lake City Health Care System, UT; University of Utah, School of Medicine, Salt Lake City, UT; VA Office of Information and Technology, Salt Lake City Field Office, UT; University of Pittsburgh, School of Health Related Professions, PA; VA Office of Information and Technology, Business Intelligence Service Line, Pittsburg, PA; Office of Information and Technology, Business Intelligence Service Line, Austin, TX.

Abstract: To address the need of the HSR&D community in having more than just static information available, the VINCI team provided an update to its internal website, VINCI Central, that offered a user-centric makeover, expanded offerings, and functionality to draw together and display all VINCI resources related to each user.

Methods: The home page remake features flip-cards that have a topic description but when clicked, flips to reveal links to information on that topic. The website centers around the dynamic My VINCI Dashboard which ties together a user’s VINCI resources: databases, file shares, VINCI Collaboration and VINCI Correspondence SharePoint sites, virtual machines, DART requests, VINCI online help requests, projects, and active directory groups. VINCI University contains a collection of Cyberseminar, presentations, guides, and other learning resources. VINCI Tube contains a collection of videos on using and understanding VINCI, Cyberseminar videos, and VINCI Happy Hour Q&A forum videos. The New to VINCI pages contain step-by-step procedures on how to use VINCI for Preparatory to Research, IRB Research, and Operations and Quality Improvement projects. Another feature is VINCIpedia, an information wiki that is used for frequently asked questions and disseminating information on specific topics. It also serves as the gateway to the VINCI Workspace, VINCI File Transfer Utility, and Data Access Request Tracker (DART). We also added online forms where customers can request assistance ranging from technical issue to training or service requests.

Results: VINCI Central’s fresh look and feel breaks with the SharePoint site style of many VA sites. It brings not only a compendium of information together but great ease and usefulness in accessing user resources and VINCI’s various tools.

Conclusions: User feedback showed that the utility of the site and its expanded offerings were very welcome additions and made user’s life easier when engaging and understanding VINCI and its myriad of resources.

Impacts: Although it was not anticipated, the new site actually drove more people to use it. Seemingly overnight, web traffic doubled and now after its first year, traffic has nearly tripled. The number of sessions over the past year was 96,382 while the number of visitors was 71,224 who viewed a combine 198,424 pages.

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