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IGS strives to provide an attractive work environment with long-term opportunities for our employees, which is why we have established the “Great Place to Work Initiative”. At IGS, there is a heavy investment in the training and development of personnel to build market-relevant skills, maintain proficiency, and enhance overall professional development. A major element of making IGS a great place to work is our market-based compensation plan. This includes salary, merit increases, pay adjustments, as well as non-financial components such as flexible work schedules.

We offer employees comprehensive programs competitive with the relevant labor market, including cash compensation, access to a variety of healthcare options, retirement and savings plans. At IGS, we provide guidance in career development through both individual and team meetings where we emphasize evaluation of performance. Our evaluation process includes proactive, timely, and targeted feedback, as well as guidance in career development.



Proposal Manager

IGS is currently recruiting for the position of a full-time, remote Proposal Manager to support management with the proposal aspects of running the company.

Training Surge Specialist

IGS is currently recruiting for a remote Training Surge Specialist to support our work with the Indian Health Service (IHS).

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